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Diving equipment

Complete diving equipment spreads, compliant with IMCA recommendations

To give the best support for the client

Core equipment

Designed, engineered and built in accordance with the regulations of the professional diving industry, our diving equipment provides safe & cost-effective solution to meet any challenge.

Please discover below some of our our main diving equipments :


3 diver wet bell launch & recovery system

Our 3 diver wet bell launch and recovery system is designed for air and mixed gas diving in depths of up to 75m. Dive control cabin is integrated with the LARS skid to provide a compact solution.

STAPEM Offshore - 3 diver wet bell launch & recovery system

Deck decompression chamber 1800

Designed to support offshore diving operations, discover our latest generation 20ft containerized & air-conditioned DDC, rated to a max depth of 100m.

STAPEM Offshore - Deck decompression chamber 1800

Launch & recovery system

With a footprint that allows it to ship in a standard container, this LARS provides a cost-effective solution to air dive systems.

STAPEM Offshore - Launch & recovery system

Observation ROV

The latest generation observation robot : light, highly portable, powerful, recommended for assistance work, non destructive testings & visual inspections in depths of up to 300m.

STAPEM Offshore - Saab Seaeye Falcon OBSRov

Underwater inspection equipment

We use traditional and advanced NDT techniques to deliver safe & cost-effective subsea inspections for all types of assets.

STAPEM Offshore - Underwater inspection equipment

An effective maintenance strategy

Maintenance and re-certification of the diving equipment are performed by highly qualified permanent in-house staff working from fully equipped shore facilities.

Our dive technicians are supported by a strong teamwork. Specialized technicians are involved in various areas of activities (servicing of gas cylinders, re-certification of breathing apparatus, fire-fighting systems, gas detectors, life-saving equipment).

Manufacturer’s documentation and maintenance history are recorded & available on a corporate Intranet.

Re-stocking of required spares & consumables is provided with the help of an in-house procurement & supply chain organization.

We know the importance of asset management, and go above many of the minimum requirement when it comes to equipment maintenance. That is one of the reason why we invested in DiveCert. DiveCert is a certification, asset management and planned maintenance software system specifically designed for the diving industry. With over 500 certification & maintenance templates included, DiveCert has been designed around global diving standards, allowing us to certify equipment in an accurate way.

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Maintenance and re-certification of the diving equipment are performed by highly qualified staff