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Stapem Offshore Angola Lda
Subsidiary Stapem Offshore Angola Lda is located in Luanda with operational facilities inside Sonils base (Luanda Port) and Kwanda base (Soyo), both bases are equipped with warehouses, workshops and storage yards. Marine, Subsea and Maintenance Services are organized from Sonils or from Kwanda bases. Dedicated facilities for offloading hoses are installed on Kwanda base, close to Pilulu chanel.

Technology Oilfield Services Congo
Located in Pointe-Noire, subsidiary Technology Oilfield Services Congo provides Marine and Subsea Services in Congo as well as in neighbouring countries like Gabon, Equator Guinee, Ghana or Ivory Coast. Diving means on readiness are stored in Contractor’s warehouses and workshops, close to BOS Congo yard as well as dedicated facilities for offloading hose handling operations.

Stapem Offshore Middle East
Installed in Doha (Qatar), in Dubai & in Abu Dhabi (United Arabic Emirates – with its partner Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies & Services), Stapem Offshore provides Marine and Subsea Services. With means on readiness, Stapem Offshore is able to propose in the Middle East, with short notice, the same services as in Western Africa.

d2m Group
d2m Group provides a global technical service from the decision-making period feasibility assessment, cost estimation, business development, up to and including the basic design period, the negotiation with contractors and project stakeholders, the procurement, the construction and operation supports. Service range from engineering studies to construction supervisions, bringing support on very diverse needs throughout design stages, construction but also throughout the entire ship life cycle.

d2m Engineering is the engineering branch for naval architecture and marine projects; engineers are based in Six-Fours, France, and provides expertise for hydrodynamics & mooring, structural design, installation & operation.

d2m Services is the project services branch for naval projects, ranging from design to construction and operation stages. Engineers are based in Le Pecq, France, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

d2m Technologies is the project management branch, providing planning, cost engineering for main industrial projects.

BEM is the drawing office for naval architecture and floating structure projects. Engineers are based in Bordeaux, France.

Mareal is the engineering branch for fixed structures, jackets, modules, offshore foundations for offshore projects. Engineers are based in L’Haÿ les Roses, France and in London, UK.

Ceteal is the engineering branch for offshore foundations for renewable energy projects. Engineers are based in Nantes, France.

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