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Sturdy and versatile vessels


Catamaran vessels specially designed to support offshore diving operations, the vessels, anchored at Luanda, have a 3 divers’ diving system compliant with IMCA standards.

The hull shape, coupled to a twinjets propulsion system, offers high speed performances and very good stability, allowing offshore operations to be performed very safely.
The bow is specially designed to allow personnel transfers from offshore installations and the totality of the vessel is protected by strong fendering all around.
The aft deck is a large area that permits to perform all kinds of diving tasks, it incorporates diving ladders and recovery systems both sides and at the stern, a marine crane and several storage lockers. Caviblaster, Hydraulic power unit and air compressors complete the spread.
The main cabin includes all the dive control system and can comfortably accommodate 14 persons in an air conditioned space.

Polyvalent, mobile, fast and safe, STAPEM BELUGA & STAPEM NARVAL are the perfect tools for offshore diving projects.

Vessels and workboats for diving and various marine support operations


10.5m crafts designed for harbour and coastal diving operations, these workboats, located at Luanda & Pointe Noire carry a diving system for 2 divers, including audio and video monitoring and recording, compliant with IMCA standards.

The hull, PEHD made, has a 315HP inboard engine coupled to a jet propulsion system, offering very good manoeuvrability and a light draft allowing operations in shallow waters.
The deck has sufficient space for every kind of work and is covered by a large canopy for good working conditions.
The stern incorporates diving ladder and diver recovery system.

These boats are easily transportable thanks to a cradle, certified lifting pad eyes and spreader. Particularly sturdy and mobile, these boats are ideal for harbour and coastal operations.