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ROV services

High standard &  cost effective ROV solutions

A solid know-how for the offshore Oil & Gas industry

On Sonils Base (Luanda Port), STAPEM Offshore has a fleet of the latest generation observation ROV from SAAB (Seaeye Falcon), light, highly mobile, powerful, recommended to support underwater work (drilling, Construction and pipelay support, assistance to diving work, etc…) and for visual inspections and NDT Survey in shallow waters.

We propose : in-house engineering support, ROV on readiness, ROV pilots and technicians, equipped facilities and workshops. ROV personnel are fully compliant with current offshore industry requirements.

STAPEM Offshore is a member of the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association), which guides and audits member companies and lays down appropriate measures for achieving these quality targets.

ROV services

  • Underwater inspection campaigns
  • NDT Survey
  • Drilling Support
  • Seabed inspection
  • Bathymetry Survey
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Assistance for Construction works
  • Pipelay & cables monitoring
  • Emergency response

Optional sensors & tools

  • Multifunction arm (wire & rope cutter, jaw manipulator…)
  • Rotary cleaning brush
  • Ultra-sonic thickness gauge
  • FMD tool
  • Cathodic probe sensor
  • Scan sonar
  • Scan laser (lidar)
  • USBL transponder

STAPEM Offshore is a dynamic and flexible partner, committed to assisting its clients in providing adapted solutions and services to suit any specific requirement. We are able to offer relevant, reliable and cost-effective solutions with short notices.

We are more than a ROV services company. Using an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), STAPEM Offshore delivers innovation and changes the way of proposing subsea services to its clients. This USV, equipped with an ROV, provides a cost-effective approach and also high-standard quality reports. The USV solution is easy to launch and doesn’t need the permanent mobilisation of a mother vessel.

Inspections, surveys, drilling, construction support and assistance to underwater works are examples of some services provided in Angola