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Construction, installation & maintenance

We cover all the essential tasks

For subsea production and transportation of oil & gas

Well experimented in medium-size maintenance & installation projects, STAPEM Offshore carried out several turnkey projects which include:

• CALM Buoy change-out
• CALM Buoy refurbishment & upgrade
• Installation of mooring systems (anchors & chains disconnection / reconnection)
• Electrical cables laying and protection, route selection, repair of submarine links
• Supply and installation/replacement of floating and submarine hose systems
• Supply of mooring hawsers, swivels and ancillary components
• PLEM design, manufacturing and installation
• Submarine and subsea structures replacement
• Boat landing replacement

Some turnkey projects performed by STAPEM Offshore

FSO Palanca change-out - Angola (2012/2013)
Submarine cables activities - Angola (2013/2014/2015)
Spool & valves replacement, repair works and free span correction in saturation - Angola

With its partner in Abu Dhabi (Al Ghaith Group), STAPEM Offshore is able to design, to manufacture, to supply and to install Single Point Moorings systems. These systems consist of CALM buoys, anchors, chain legs, underwater & floating hoses, PLEM and mooring hawsers for import or export operations.

STAPEM Offshore is also able to assist its clients for piping spool fabrication including engineering, procurement, production & welding as per the required codes / standards, hydro test and non-destructive tests as well as supply of complete QA/QC documentation and as-built drawings.

STAPEM Offshore is well experimented in medium-size maintenance & installation projects