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Marine maintenance

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Marine Maintenance is part of STAPEM Offshore scope.

We have teams offshore in charge of management, supervision, support and performance of the maintenance at levels 1, 2 and 3 in all domains: mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation/automatism of FSO or FPSO.

We also have the capacity and knowledge to organize some specific maintenance at level 4 with major overhauling with riding squads and can take care of procurement of the spare parts when required.

Our expertise in Marine Maintenance is based on the experience of Chief Engineers, Engine Officers and Civil Engineers specialized in Maintenance and in each specific domain.

Typical positions managed by STAPEM Offshore personnel:

• Maintenance Manager
• Field Engineer
• Commissioning Engineer
• Chief Engineer
• 2nd Engineer
• Maintenance Supervisor
• Electrician Officer
• Instrument Officer
• Assistants
• Fitter
• Welder

We provide maintenance services in all domains: mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation of FSO or FPSO...