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Polymer composites

Composite coatings for adverse environmental conditions

Technical solutions to protect your facilities

STAPEM Offshore provides advanced protection for metal and concrete substrates across a wide spectrum of challenging applications.

By using ARC coatings, we rebuild and protect all types of industrial process equipment and structures from abrasive, erosive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments.

Services provided by STAPEM Offshore run from surfaces preparation to quality control and in every case our aim is to understand your specific needs and to recommend you the best long-term solutions.

When cementitious or metallic surfaces are subject to aggressive industrial application environments, you can rely on our large range of composite coatings and on our know-how.

Metal Composite Systems
• Abrasion Resistance
• Erosion / Corrosion Resistance
• Chemical Resistance
• Emergency repair
• High impact
• High temperature

• Sandblasting / Painting (sponge jet)
• Protection and reparation of process and mechanical equipment
• Emergency repairs and resurfacing of metal surfaces
• Interior and exterior chemical containment
• Process efficiency

Concrete Composite Systems
• Chemical resistance
• Concrete protection
• Concrete repair / Rebuilding (cracking, etc..)
• Industrial floors

• Chemical processes (storage, process equipment, piping)
• Power Hydroelectric
• Water & waste water system
• Oil & Gas Upstream – Midstream – Downstream

You can rely on our large range of composite coatings and on our know-how