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Offshore units management

Our goal: 100% client satisfaction

A long-term view of the customer relationship

STAPEM Offshore provides an extensive selection of marine services to support the offshore oil and gas industry.

A key aspect of these services includes the long-term administration of offshore floating units like Floating Storage Units (FSOs) and the marine components of Floating Production Storage and Offloading units (FPSOs).

Offshore, directly at the sites, we deploy seasoned teams consisting of both expatriate and local crew members for the management, oversight, and assistance of HSSE, marine operations, loading, offloading, and logistics.

Onshore, STAPEM Offshore employs experienced master mariners and logistics specialists to coordinate and audit our clients’ vessel fleets, as well as to develop logistics methods and provide marine expertise advisory.

Some of the typical roles filled by the personnel at STAPEM Offshore are as follows:

Offshore positions

• AB, Deck Hand
• Cargo Operator
• Crane Operator
• Deck Supervisor, Bosun
• HSSE assistant
• HSSE supervisor
• Loading Master
• Logistic Supervisor
• Marine Operation Manager
• Marine Operation Superintendent
• Offshore Installation Manager
• Offshore Vessel fleet management
• Pilots
• Port Facility Security Officer
• Pumpman
• Radio operator
• Traffic control operator


Onshore positions

• DP specialist
• Marine advisor
• Marine Superintendent
• Method and Logistics Engineer
• Oil spill specialist
• OVID Inspector

We provide long-term management of offshore float units such as FSO or FPSO