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Hoses yards

Permanent & dedicated facilities in Soyo (Angola) & in Pointe-Noire (Congo)

Providing cost-effective & reliable services

We offer full service worldwide through global life cycle: engineering studies, delivery of complete solutions (hoses, ancillaries, long term-storage, data recording), on-site assistance, installation, maintenance and repairs.

We provide the management of the complete line (storage, recommendations, repair works, hoses / ancillary’s supplies) and also, with short notice, assembly/disassembly operations, marine operations including assistance with towing operations, connection/disconnection operations on CALM buoy and/or FPSO/FSO, assistance with leak tests and flushing operations on site.

Resources available in Angola & Congo

  • Permanent trained engineers and technicians
  • Installed on yards: roller systems for assembly/disassembly operations, handling means, tightening tools, cleaning equipment
  • Installation for waste management
  • CMMS for data recording
  • Dedicated and adapted yard with direct access to the sea, for onshore operations and long term storage (wet & dry storage)


  • Long term storage: dry storage
  • Wet storage of lines on readiness
  • Data recording in CMMS
  • Preventive maintenance (inspection and test operations)
  • Repair works
  • Preventive maintenance on offshore sites (cleaning, visual inspection, tightening)
  • Engineering support
  • Complete change-out with short notice
  • Cleaning operations and waste management

Trelleborg representative

STAPEM Offshore is the representative of Trelleborg in Angola and Congo. Both companies decided to join their efforts through a Technical and Commercial Agreement in order to complement their operational competence with an exhaustive knowledge of oil marine hose specifications.

This added value is notably given as:

  • Strong engineering support of Trelleborg is given to STAPEM Offshore
  • Engineers and technicians, trained in Trelleborg’s factories, are available in Angola
  • Technical feedback is available from other projects in West Africa
  • Engineering and procedures are reviewed by Trelleborg’s R&D Department
  • Permanent resources and means are available in the country, in-house expertise
  • There are strong synergies with other activities performed by STAPEM Offshore (diving & marine)
STAPEM Offshore is the leading service provider of operations on Oil and Marine hoses for crude oil, chemicals and offshore transfer applications
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