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Two DSV under construction

Two DSV under construction


Designed specifically to support offshore diving operations, the vessels have an aft exterior deck that utilizes available space by combining deck lockers and racks for diving equipment storage. The vessel will have four fold-down dive ladders for water access, three swing davits for assisting divers, and one equipment deck crane for additional operational support.

The bow configuration is designed for efficient interaction with personal transfer ladders of offshore FPSOs and platforms. Robust fendering is to be provided around the perimeter of the vessel to protect it from damage.

The main cabin has an SL3 diving operations panel for monitoring dives along with seating for 14.

Designed to achieve speeds in excess of 20 knots, the vessel will have two MAN D2876LE402 main engines, each coupled to a Hamilton HJ403 waterjet through ZF 360 gearboxes.

Electrical power for the vessel and all dive operations will be provided by two Fischer Panda generators.

Other items fitted below deck include a hydraulic power unit system with its own designated engine and pump, a Caviblaster system,both high pressure and low pressure compressors and storage systems.

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